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10 ingredients to a great wedding

There are hundreds of things to consider when planning a
wedding, but get these basics right, and everything else will be icing on the
triple-tiered cake.

1  looking good Part of
this comes from your inner glow.  The other part is feeling amazing in your
gown.  Every woman hears that she’ll know when it’s "the one".  It’s
true…for many of us.  But that doesn’t mean you can just zip and button
absentmindedly while you wait for a ball gown to call your name.  If you’re
easily frazzled (and who isn’t when planning a wedding?), go dress shopping solo
or with one friend only, then bring your mom, sister, or other friends to check
out your top three to five.  Trust your instincts but also trust that odd
grimace your mom makes when she sees you in a plunging V-neck gown.  And if
you don’t have an "Aha!" moment in the dressing room, don’t fret:  You’re
going to look stunning no matter what.

sticking to a theme 
Having decor direction will make planning easier.  A theme can be as
elaborate as a winter wonderland, complete with fur-trimmed center pieces, or as
simple as the color green showing up here and there (bridesmaid
dresses, flowers, and so on).  Come up with an idea that reflects your
personality, or that coordinates with your venue or the season.  Just be
careful not to create an unpleasant juxta-position like having a beach theme at
a country mansion in March.

creating a meaningful ceremony 
The party is the longest part of the wedding, but the ceremony, the actual
joining of husband and wife, is the reason everyone has gathered.  Don’t
gloss over your union because you’re nervous about standing in front of a room
full of people or because you really want to get to the cocktail hour. 
Take time to personalize this moment:  use family heirlooms, incorporate
loved ones, make an exciting entrance, or surprise everyone with fireworks
during your first kiss.  Give this tradition the attention it rightly

playing great music  Whether
you hire a DJ, a 10-piece band, or just plug in your iPod, tunes set the vibe. 
Music that’s easy to dance to and is somewhat familiar is your best bet for
getting guests out of their chairs and onto the dance floor, which is the key to
a fun, festive affair.  This will mean something different to everyone; ask
your music pro for suggestions to keep the party going.  Don’t be afraid to
veto dance songs but make sure you keep an open mind.  And yes, you really
should cue up some older numbers to please guests of all ages.  If you’re
crazy for ska, metal, rap, punk, or any specific genre that might not appeal to
everyone, slip in a song or two but don’t devote the entire night to 80’s hair

knowing when to stop 
You have a zillion ideas of how to make your
unique.  That’s terrific-but don’t drive yourself mad trying to pull off
every last detail.  Oftentimes, less is more, especially when you’re
planning solo.  Go ahead and dream big, but then take an honest look at
your to-do list and cross off three items that you simply won’t be able to
complete on time.  If you design your own escort cards, the hand sewn silk
purses for the bridal party might have to go.

eating well 
You can never have too much food.  And good food is even better!  Yes,
catering costs can soar.  But there are tricks to serving up a memorable,
gourmet meal without going broke.  Add more passed or hot foods during the
cocktail hour, when guests tend to fill up and appreciate variety.  Then
ask to take away one course:  Your guests will never notice there isn’t a
soup and salad.

easing up  You
control every aspect of your wedding.  Well lets’ say 95 percent of this
day is all your say.  So give your mom a break if she wants to make an
off-the-cuff speech.  Let your groom do a silly pose with his 20 guys- it
wont affect your portraits.  Worrying about everyone else’s actions will
take away from your enjoyment.  Were not saying you should let your sister
walk down the aisle in white, just stay realistic about what really matters and
what you can let go.

being in love  Its
the whole reason you’re planning this wedding.  The main ingredient to this
event should be how much you and your groom  adore each other.  Talk
about it in the ceremony, and show it with the smiles on your face and the
kisses you share on the dance floor.  Mingle with friends and family, but
take the time to share moments together.  Guests want noting more than to
see the two of you all googly-eyed for each other.  Seriously.  People
will continue to comment about how happy you two looked after the fact as much
as they will praise the chocolate ganache cake.

entertaining to impress 
Guests travel from near and far to be at your wedding.  Even the
ones that live around the corner deserve your respect and attention.  Plan
with your guests in mind and try to create an event that’s also convenient and
easy for them.  Provide transportation or maps and directions to the sites,
secure fair hotel rates for overnight stays, place simple goodie bags with
sincere welcome note in the rooms, line up events and activities, order special
meals for people with dietary issues…you get the picture.  You don’t have
to cater to everyone’s individual needs or be in charge of your guests every
move, but add some little touches that let them know you appreciate that they
are joining in your celebration.

10  thinking of the future
 While its great to wow your guests (and yourselves), take a minute
to consider the cost.  The budget is perhaps the biggest source of stress
when it comes to planning a wedding.  These days 70 percent of couples pay
for all or a good part of the event themselves, which means that a whole lot of
money you’ll be parting with.  What happens when you want to make a down
payment on a home and you’re short because you had to have peonies…out of
season?  We’re not saying three main course options or extra-bountiful

bouquets will break the bank, but all of these elements that go
into throwing a wedding add up.  Have fun, don’t deprive yourself, but
whatever you do, don’t go into debt.



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