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The Rules: Bridesmaid Etiquette

Don’t know the etiquette when it comes to choosing your bridesmaids?  Not sure what the duties involve?  Here are some tips and also what some may call the rules and etiquette…

Who’s who? The role of the chief bridesmaid is usually by a sister or your closest friend and, of all your attendants, she’ll be trusted with the most responsibility.  She is also referred to as maid of honor.  As well as your chief bridesmaid, you may have other adult bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids (typically aged between eight and 16) and flowergirls (young children of your friends or relatives).

Size Matters With the maid of honor, bridesmaids and flowergirls all josting for space, things can get crowded.  The general rule of thumb is the bigger the wedding the more bridesmaids, so it’s best to think about this before you ask too many of your friends or family members to fill these roles.  Another factor that will affect how many bridesmaids you have is your budget, as you’ll be expected to pay for all their dresses as well as any accessories.

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Hitting the shops When it comes to choosing your bridesmaids dresses, its a good idea to take at least your maid of honor with you when you go out shopping.  It’s important all the girls feel comfortable in what they’re wearing so you might decide to go for different dresses in the same colour to ensure you flatter everyone’s shape.

Duty Calls It’s the maid of honor’s job to be your main source of support in the run up to the wedding.  This could mean sitting up all night making favours or talking you down when the nerves kick in, but one duty that almost always falls on her shoulders is the hen party.  Send her a list of who you’d like to invite, tell her you ideas and cross your fingers that she doesn’t ignore them in favour of a male stripper!

On the day Even if you’re the most independent woman in the world, you’ll be glad of your bridesmaids’ help on the morning of the wedding.  You’re bound to be full of butterflies so it’s their job to make sure you eat breakfast and are done up properly in your dress.  It’s a good idea to give your maid of honor an emergency kit to carry containing a mirror, painkillers, plasters, tissues, hairspray, lipstick and breath mints.  And give her your mobile phone and the telephone numbers of all your key suppliers – if there’s a disaster with flowers or the caterers break down on the motorway she can deal with any problems on your behalf.

Party Time Your maids don’t have to be glued to your side all night, but if there are specific jobs you want them to take responsibility for, such as helping you with your dress in the little girls room, you should let them know in advance.  And once their duties are done, they’re free to do what they do best – PARTY!  After all, if they’re having fun on the dance floor, it’s more likely your other guests will join in too.

And finally… This may sound obvious but in the run up to your wedding, it’s very easy to become a little (dare we say it?) self-involved.  It’s important to acknowledge the help of your nearest and dearest, so as well as giving each of your bridesmaids a gift on the day as a gesture of your appreciation, remember to thank them face-to-face.  After all, you want them to still be your friends after the wedding too!

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Do you have any Bridesmaid tips for us that you would like to add or share?  Please comment below and share the love.

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